BUFF UV Multifunctional Headbands for Running

The Buff UV Running Headbands are designed for active sports: from runners to yogis. These running headbands provide hair and sweat management with quick-drying COOLMAX PRO fabrics that wick away moisture and block out UV rays while you stay cool. Buff adds a Polygiene treatment to resist odors with taped seams and reduce irritation.

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This headband offers a good bit of coverage while still fitting snuggly and securely.


The design of this headband is simple, so it’s comfortable to wear. Additionally, there are almost 100 different prints available, so you will find one that fits you and your style perfectly!


They are protected by the sun with 95% UV protection as well as by the minimal seams from physical irritation. The fabric is very flexible and adapts to the shape of the head. The headband is wide enough to cover the whole forehead. It has a comfortable but comfortable fit, which means that it does not move during your activities, no matter what they look like.


This headband will make sure you are always comfortable! The COOLMAX PRO material is enhanced with Polygiene technology, enabling it to wick moisture away, dry quickly, control odors, and let your skin breathe.


The headband is inexpensive and perfect for casual athletes. Amazon offers some great deals on these headbands, but the Buff website also has some great sales. This headband will hold out through your sweatiest workouts and comes in a variety of eclectic prints.


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