Turtle Fur Double-Layer Bang Band

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you have long hair, you’ll love the Trailheads ponytail headband. With this headband, you can push your hair through the ponytail holder so that it stays safely on your head during all your runs and workouts.

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This headband fits over your ears so that they stay warm and still sit securely. This headband adapts to the size of your head and offers you a secure and comfortable fit.


If you are looking for a stylish headband that is also functional, you will love to hear that it is available in different color options. While it doesn’t offer unique patterns, it is available in 12 different colors. The loop design makes it easier for your ponytail to slip through – ideal for people with long hair.


Since this headband is made of polyester and fleece material, it is a perfect fit for cooler weather. It has exceptional moisture-wicking properties that will ensure you stay warm and dry. Although we are in the summer season, this headband is a good one to have around for the day following a stormy night or even those early morning jogs. The best part about this headband is that it is machine washable, so you can make sure it is always clean and odor free.


Although the Trailheads headband is designed to keep you warm, it is still breathable and offers excellent moisture-wicking capabilities to ensure you don’t get overheated and your headband doesn’t get soaked.


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